Outdoor Home/Office Plant & Floral Designs

We are the go-to provider for local floral and plant art installations. See our work at the new Parliament Building in Dar al-Aman, the French Hospital for Children and various other offices and homes throughout Kabul.

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Indoor Floral and Plant Art Shop In-Store or Delivered

Interior Design is very important in the overall look and feel of your home. Entertain and delight your guests with beautiful and sustainable interior plant-life. We will come and help you plan, design and install to ensure you are satisfied.

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Open Air Showroom; The Greenest Place in Kabul

We offer so many different types of plants and flowers and everything in between that the best way to enjoy our selection is to come by our open-air facility, walk through our weather-proof greenhouses and choose your plants and flowers today!

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Why Make Kabul Green


...again! Well, after decades of war and destruction the historic splendor of the city of Kabul has been, unfortunately, degraded by a lack of natural greenery. The famous tree-covered mountainsides of Kabul no longer exist and even within the city limits, quite a few areas are available to enjoy some of nature's most valuable assets.

We, at "Gul Rayzaan", believe that the once glorious tree-lined streets of Kabul can again be a reality. The flower orchards and the local appreciation for colorful and fruitful aromas is not a thing of the past. We want to bring that back into the homes, gardens and public spaces in and around Kabul. The provincial areas of Afghanistan are still green and lush, there is no reason our major cities with all the resources and focus should be otherwise.

We believe in sustainable, eco-friendly art which can beautify our homes, offices and public areas. We hope you agree!


Next Steps...

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can help beautify your home, yard, place of work or otherwise. Please begin by giving us a phone call to discuss... We're here to help!